About My work

​​When pain and discomfort exist, physical and mental performance may suffer. Whether you are training for that next race, recovering from an injury, working in an environment that leads to poor posture, or simply lead an active lifestyle, facilitating awareness is essential for correction. Each individual requires a customized strategy for specific objectives to obtain relief.

Over the last 14 years I have been trained in several modalities to help relieve and decrease painful issues such as chronic neck and back pain, sciatica / piriformis syndrome, rotator cuff issues, ITB Syndrome, knee and hip injuries, and plantar fasciitis.

I have engaged with active clients on all levels varying from routine maintenance to promoting faster recovery (post operative/strenuous activity/injury). My working professionals no longer view massage as a luxury or spa service.  Now, it has become a proactive approach to their overall health to help decrease stress and pain caused by improper body mechanics.  Ignoring pain can be hazardous as it’s your body’s alarm system and serves a purpose. Awareness is crucial.

I’ve experienced many fulfilling opportunities to impact and educate clients about soft tissue manipulation through bodywork, as well as empower them. Observing progress is most rewarding!

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